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Laundry Additives From Modified Crude Protein Sources

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Latest SCF Patent Issues

Hudson, Alice, Surface Chemists of Florida, US Patent No. 9,856,436, January 2, 2018.

Surface Chemists of Florida, Inc. has patented modified soy protein laundry additives that are derived from soy flour with minimal processing and waste streams, thus allowing production of economical additives that may provide soil antiredeposition, dye transfer inhibition, soil repellency, and fabric wear reduction in household and I&I laundry products.

The use of renewable sources of raw materials for producing chemical materials for applications in wide ranging industrial and consumer products is important for a sustainable future. The use of naturally derived biodegradable raw materials to produce additives for use in consumer products – especially materials utilizing processes that generate minimal waste streams – greatly enhances the ongoing sustainability efforts of detergent manufacturers and supports the principles of green chemistry.

There has long been a need for laundry additives that are 1) biodegradable and bio renewable, 2) produced sustainably with minimum processing steps and low waste production, 3) processed with very minimal solvent use, 4) compatible with surfactant systems commonly found in laundry products, and 5) economically effective in today’s global market.
The new SCF protein technology delivers all these sustainability benefits and can provide the following performance enhancements in laundry detergents:

  • The modified proteins prevent the redeposition of soils from the wash liquor that lead to greying of
    laundered materials.
  • They may also prevent dye transfer from garment to garment in the wash.
  • Additionally, the new materials can provide soil repellency to laundered fabrics.
  • They may provide a lubricated surface on the fabric that decreases fabric abrasion and pilling.

New Facilities Expansion Complete

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Surface Chemists of Florida is proud to announce a significant achievement in our continuous efforts to better serve our clients. In order to expand our technical abilities and meet the increasingly challenging needs of our customers, we have doubled our operating footprint at our headquarters in Jupiter Florida. This new working space includes laboratories, offices, meeting areas, and technical development and process scale-up facilities.

Offices and Meeting Space. Not only is our footprint increasing, but so is the number of SCF scientists and staff members! We have grown our team substantially and our new office and meeting spaces will allow our current and future staff members the ability to work more efficiently on project details, product manufacturing logistics, and general aspects of our growing business to better serve our customer base. Our dedication to attentive and personalized customer service will continue to expand with our growing business.

Laboratory. Our new laboratory space is a dedicated specialty testing area for our physical and analytical chemistry instrumentation. This new state of the art space not only provides SCF researchers with the capacity to work systematically and proficiently on standard methods, but also the freedom to research and independently develop new products and test methods unique to individual projects specified by our customers. In addition, SCF has built a Class II laboratory to complete microbiological testing ranging from environmental population to preservative efficacy studies.

Technical Development and Scale Up Facility. As our main customer industries and markets become more focused, we have expanded our capabilities to develop, fabricate, and utilize industry specific production and test equipment from lab to pilot scale. SCF’s unique chemistries and products are designed to fulfill specific ideas and issues conveyed to us by our customers in their specialized markets. SCF’s expansion has already allowed our engineers and scientists the space and instrumentation to complete a number of scale-ups and custom-developed testing protocols.

SCF has been using the abundant Florida sunshine to provide electrical power for its operations since January 2012. When we expanded the facilities in 2017, we also doubled the capacity of the solar installation, and we are now producing approximately 75% of our power needs.  SCF’s solar installation was motivated by a commitment to environmentally sound business practices and also by its commitment to active involvement in emerging technologies.