A Quick Look Back

SCF was founded in 1969 as a contract research organization. It began as a one man show, with 50 beakers, a pH meter, and a launderometer fashioned from an old household washing machine.


Dr. Fred Woodward, an R&D leader in a large multinational chemical company, became frustrated with the status quo of industrial innovation, realizing that most companies approached their customers’ problems based not necessarily on what the best scientific solution might be, but rather focusing on the limited tools in their own “toolbox” -the products, raw materials, and equipment available from their manufacturing facilities.

Dr. Woodward, believing there was a better way to help customers more effectively overcome their challenges, created an organization that would approach problem-solving from a broader, more holistic, scientific perspective, utilizing all available technologies and processes to create innovative, real world solutions tailored to a customer’s needs. Thus, SCF was born.

A short while later, Dr. Woodward hired a bright, young chemist whose inquisitive nature brought a fresh perspective that took the company in several new directions. SCF soon expanded beyond just contract research and began developing and producing specialized industrial chemical materials.

The now much larger SCF was purchased by that bright, young woman, CEO Alice Hudson, in 1984. Her focus on innovative products and processes rapidly drove continued growth. Over the years, our technology base and experience bank has grown dramatically and the number of markets we serve has expanded.

Today, SCF is a major provider of unique – and generally customized – new technology, with our own modern laboratories, commercial office space, and pilot manufacturing and development facilities located in Jupiter, Florida. Though we have grown substantially since those early days, Dr. Woodward’s love for science and his passion for innovatively applying it to real world problems remain the guiding principles of our organization. We have a broad expertise in the markets that we serve – agriculture, household, industrial and institutional cleaning, asphalt roofing, and industrial specialties – and continue to utilize all the latest tools and technologies available to help us solve customer and broad market problems.

Over the years we have developed many unique, niche-oriented specialty products and technologies and have slowly become a major – and trusted – supplier of specialty products into niche industrial applications. We now proudly count among our customer base, many of the world’s largest multinational chemical, consumer product, industrial, and agricultural companies. We are equally proud of the many SCF customers who are one-man shows, on their way to becoming the multinationals of tomorrow.

In 2015, SCF became a wholly employee-owned company. Our unique way of doing business continues to provide value in todays fast paced and ever changing commercial environment. Thanks to our loyal customer base, our rapid growth continues, and in 2017 we completed a major expansion that nearly doubles our laboratory and office facilities in Florida, to help us keep up with that growth. We welcome the opportunity to talk with you and explore ways that we can work together to help you innovate faster and more effectively.