SurPhase CLEAN

Household and Institutional cleaning formulations have developed over the years, from simple formulations for single duty products, to multi-functional cleaning systems designed to work in both non-toxic and extreme conditions.

Today’s raw materials for H&I cleaning formulations must provide specific benefits, be compatible with a wide range of components, and be effective in a variety of environmental conditions


Each SurPhase CLEAN product was designed to fill functional gaps present in traditional cleaning formulations. From performance properties such as low or high foaming cleaners, to environmentally stressed conditions like acidic or alkaline formulations, SCF has the expertise to supply the most efficient product for your unique application.

Science-based, Targeted Solutions for Real Market Issues

SCF’s line of surfactants and hydrotropes are based in science to provide real world solutions. SurPhase CLEAN products are not commodity-based products, but instead provide specific functional properties in both traditional and innovative formulations.

Effective For:

  • Acidic or alkaline environments
  • Micro-emulsion chemistry
  • Low or high foam applications
  • Peroxide- or chlorine -based formulas
  • Solvent or aqueous systems
  • Hydrotrope requirements
  • Anionic, nonionic, cationic and amphoteric needs


  • Multi-Functional properties
  • Market competitive
  • Compatible in extreme environments
  • Highly effective
  • Customized products for niche applications
  • Traditional and bio-based chemistries

You’re In Control

Surface Chemists scientists can design, formulate and test our SurPhase CLEAN materials in your product for stability and effectiveness utilizing standard methods, or we can design a method specific to the products final application.

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