New Moisture Barrier Coatings Patent Issued to SCF

By April 12, 2019SCF News & Updates

Surface Chemists of Florida, US Patent No. 10,189,752, January 29, 2019.
Sealant compositions containing waxes are widely used as effective moisture barriers in coating applications, particularly as sealants for controlled release fertilizers. Commercially available sealant compositions are typically thermoplastic, waxy materials that are tacky above their melting points, necessitating agitation during a cooling step. This cooling step is typically carried out in a fluid bed or a rolling drum, particularly when wax based sealants or components are used in the coating process. The cooling step adds capital costs for equipment, added space, extra mixing time, and energy costs. SCF’s most recent patent provides an effective sealant that does not require a cooling step, thereby reducing costs and simplifying the sealant process.

SCF has discovered and patented moisture barrier coatings and sealants comprised of mixtures of organic wax and wax soluble polymer which are dispersed into one or more components of a thermoset polymer and form a semi-interpenetrating polymer network when the thermoset polymer is subsequently applied to and cured on a substrate. The addition of the wax and wax soluble polymer substantially improves the moisture barrier properties of the thermoset polymer, and provides an effective moisture barrier coating that is non-tacky at the cure temperature of the thermoset polymer, and thus does not require a cooling step.

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