Agriculture is our largest market and the focus area for a great deal of our current R&D work. For nearly 40 years SCF has had dedicated research and development efforts active in the agricultural and horticultural markets. Our laboratories and pilot scale Technology Center are equipped to provide both product and process development of customized fertilizer coatings and adjuvants.

We provide products and application expertise in a breadth of fertilizer technologies, including:

  • Coatings for slow release and controlled release fertilizers
  • Sealants for sulfur coated fertilizers
  • Coatings for anticaking and dust control in fertilizers
  • Binders for pesticide on fertilizers and other substrates
  • Corrosion inhibition for UAN solutions
  • Binders for biological additives and micronutrients
  • Formulations for suspended fertilizers

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Agricultural Products

Caking and dusting can cause serious issues for you and your customers. Handling and worker exposure problems can result from issues in storage and transport of your fertilizer, and excessive dusting or clumping product can cause customer complaints, returns, and even loss of business. SCF has made a product line that will help with that.

SurPhase FLOW products are designed to control caking and dusting tendencies for granular fertilizers, thus allowing for a more efficient spread and lower customer complaints.


Studies have long shown that getting the right nutrients to the plant at the right time is a critical factor for successful crops. Much of the nutrient in fertilizer is lost into the soil and the water table, unavailable for the plant. This can lead to excess fertilizer usage, increased application labor and costs, and even regulatory issue.

SurPhase RELEASE coatings can provide slow release and controlled release profiles when applied to many types of granular fertilizers, getting the nutrients to the plant when they can be most effective.


Fertilizers today are more complex than ever before, with the influence of micronutrients, pesticides, and biological actives growing rapidly in importance. This poses challenges to the manufacturer (and distributor) as to how to process, treat, and apply these technologies in the real world.

SurPhase AG specialty products can provide tailored solutions to your challenging fertilizer and process issues. We have been in the forefront of fertilizer innovation for over two decades and our experience, coupled with our foundation in surface science, can help you bring your new concept to market faster and more effectively.

In addition to our FLOW & RELEASE product line, we have very active contract research, applications testing, and claims substantiation efforts underway. We are particularly experienced and proficient at devising methods to evaluate new concepts, and can also perform most standard evaluations. The SCF laboratory is fully equipped to carry out testing and evaluation of many agricultural fertilizer and nutrient providing products.