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We’re a little different…

We are not a menu driven product supplier – asking you to choose a material from our product line in hopes that you will be able to make it work within your system. In fact, it’s the complete opposite: We work with you to clearly understand your system, and then, working from a technology platform, we tailor a product to your specific application and formulation.

SCF’s SurPhase product line has been developed to address critical needs in a broad range of industries and applications. We are not limited by raw materials or production equipment, so our products utilize whatever chemicals and processes are required to solve a customer’s unique problem. In fact, most of the products that we sell are tailored to specific customer needs and often are made exclusively for a given customer/partner.

SCF products encompass a wide spectrum of surfactants and polymers designed and built to deliver specific functionality to provide or enhance performance of a product or formulation. Our products provide value in a variety of applications including coating and sealants for fertilizers, odor control agents, cleaning products, asphalt roof coatings, and a number of other industrial specialty applications.


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