Household & Institutional Cleaning
Contract Research

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Areas of Expertise

  • Surfactant Synthesis
  • Formula Optimization
  • Method Development
  • Analytical & Physical Chemistry
  • Performance Evaluation
  • Product Development

Applied Research

  • Specialized Sufactants and Systems
  • Surface Modifications
  • New Market Entry Support
  • Chemical and Biological Compatibility
  • Raw Material Development
  • Claim Substantiation

Examples of HI&I Contract Research

SCF formulated and tested enzyme based laundry and auto-dish detergents based on the market drivers of cost, performance, and shelf stability.


SCF supported marketing efforts through standard method and modified test methods on novel bio-based surfactant chemistries, both on the raw materials and in formulated products.


SCF developed and patented an amphoteric surfactant system to formulate clear microemulsions with household and industrial cleaning solvents.


SCF developed and implemented a QA/QC system for an international distributor of household and industrial products to maintain ISO certification.


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