SCF’s scientists are experienced in a broad range of technologies, and are adept at solving problems by using materials, processes, and techniques from a variety of sources which would be unknown to researchers working in a single technology.

Our RESOLVE line of specialty polymers represents many of the products that we have produced for tailored application in specific industrial applications.


It’s What’s on the Surface that Counts

Surface Chemists has spent nearly a half a century developing and producing specialty polymers and surfactants to modify and functionalize surfaces in a variety of industries and applications. Our technology base contains a number of specialty industrial formulations with applications as mineral and pigment dispersants, coagulants, film formers and soil release polymers, specialty cleaning products, coatings, and odor control agents, to name a few.

Your Problem is What’s Most Important, Not Our Product

Many of the products that we design and manufacture are customized material that we produce for a single client – to solve their specific problem. We aren’t limited by raw material supply or production equipment, so we utilize all of the available materials and processes known to us in order to solve your problem or fulfill your need. It’s how we began many years ago and still how we do business today.


  • Products tailored to your application
  • Differentiated market technology
  • Not limited by feedstock or equipment
  • In-house scale-up from lab to pilot
  • Production and logistics expertise
  • Accelerated time-to-market

We’re Better Together

Working collaboratively with you, we can increase your project success rate, accelerate your innovation, and get your product to market more quickly. We have hundreds of years of collective education and experience in the form of polymer chemists, microbiologists, engineers, material science specialists, and experts from other disciplines. We have worked on a wide variety of projects involving polymers and surface science, and would like to share our knowledge base with you to help you succeed in solving your problem or developing your next new product. Give us a call.

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