Asphalt Roofing

Surface Chemists has been supplying specialty surfactants to the roof coatings industry for almost 30 years. We have developed and patented several surfactants for use with attapulgite clays in roofing asphalt cements and coatings. Our products are demonstrated to be cost effective in a broad range of compositions with various cutbacks, clays, and fillers. SCF is staffed and equipped to help our customers optimize the performance of their products and minimize their raw material costs.

SCF works closely with our asphalt customers to provide the right surfactants and the right technical support to help them create highly functional products for the roofing market. We are actively developing new products for the changing raw materials and formulations facing the industry today.

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Asphalt Roofing Products

The feel and “cut” of an asphalt mastic or coating is critical to roofers. A product that is too thick – or too thin – can cause performance issues, as well as complaints and product returns.

The SurPhase GEL line of patented, highly-efficient surfactants are designed to provide stable and consistent rheology in your asphalt cutback-clay systems.


H2S levels in asphalt are particularly high, sometimes over 20,000ppm. In addition, required high process temperatures lead to thermal cracking, which can causeH2S formation in-situ during asphalt production and storage.

The SurPhase SCAVENGE line of patented hydrogen sulfide scavengers and slow release nitrates provide cost effective ways of controlling offensive – and highly dangerous -H2S odors.


In addition to our asphalt roofing product line, we have very active application testing and claims substantiation efforts underway. We are particularly experienced and proficient at devising methods to evaluate new concepts, and can also perform most standard evaluations. The SCF laboratory is fully equipped to carry out testing and evaluation of your asphalt roofing projects or products.