SurPhase RELEASE coatings can save growers time and money by releasing nutrients to plants when they most need it – improving efficiency, minimizing environmental impact, and lowering costs.

Controlled Release

Specially designed coatings provide protection to water soluble nutrients. Those nutrients are released by temperature, as well as moisture and rainfall. The fertilizer’s release profile is consistent and reliable, reducing unwanted growth bursts or plant burn.

Saves your customer time, money and headaches

Getting the nutrient to the plant when it needs it, allows growers to reduce the number of applications required and the amount of fertilizer required – lowering both labor and fertilizer costs. Lower application rates and improved uptake mean reduced potential for run-off, leaching and environmental headaches.

Every Fertilizer is Different

Controlled Release performance is affected by many factors, including:

  • Granule size, shape and structure
  • Chemical composition of the fertilizer granule
  • Moisture levels and hygroscopic properties of the granule
  • Storage conditions – time, temperature and pressure
  • And many more internal and external factors

Because of this, a one-size-fits-all coating is not a realistic solution to caking and dusting problems.

You’re in Control!

Surface Chemists scientists and engineers will develop and manufacture a controlled release coating that is tailored to your fertilizer composition and your customers nutrient requirements.


  • Customized release profiles
  • Reduced cost to the grower – reduce number of applications and lower rates of fertilizer
  • Improved fertilizer efficiency
  • Higher yields (and profits!)
  • Less waste, decreased nutrient loss
  • Reduced runoff and regulatory concern

One-Size Doesn’t Fit All

That’s why SCF tailors each product to their customers’ unique granular fertilizer composition. This customization does not cost you more or require extended time or new equipment on your side – it’s just how we do business. We work with your team to optimize a product and a process that meets your specific needs – saving you time, money, and most importantly – providing you a differentiated product.

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