Often times, coming up with the great idea is the easy part…

Turning that idea into a product and getting that product to market is the real challenge.

We are here to help you with the challenges you’ll face, from product development to claim support and application testing. We are your toolbox, filled with extensive resources eager to be of assistance in your path towards a successful end product, ready for market use. Our team has a broad base of scientific and commercial experience with a strong foundation of intellectual property. Our scientists and engineers have modern analytical, application and pilot test equipment, backed with in-depth market knowledge and nimble, highly responsive organization skill sets. We have decades of collaborative success developing new products and processes with partners both large and small.


  • SCF has developed and patented several polymer-based controlled release coatings for a variety of fertilizer substrates from conception through to process implementation
  • SCF has created binders and adhesive carriers for the application of herbicides and other adjuvants directly to fertilizer granules.
  • SCF developed chemistries and associated application methods to minimize dust formation during the industrial process where micronutrients were incorporated into fertilizer granules
  • SCF worked in conjunction with the University of Florida to study the effects of biostimulant application on soil microbiology and turf response at an active golf course.
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Household & Institutional Cleaning

  • SCF formulated and tested enzyme based laundry and auto-dish detergents based on the market drivers of cost, performance, and shelf stability.
  • SCF supported marketing efforts through standard method and modified test methods on novel bio-based surfactant chemistries, both on the raw materials and in formulated products.
  • SCF developed and patented an amphoteric surfactant system to formulate clear microemulsions with household and industrial cleaning solvents.
  • SCF developed the chemistry and production processes for agricultural by-products that have utility as soil antiredeposition agents, dye transfer inhibitors, and soil repellents.
  • SCF developed and implemented a QA/QC system for an international distributor of household and industrial products to maintain ISO certification.
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Industrial Specialties

  • SCF developed technology to improve settling rates of suspended clay in wastewater settling ponds in the phosphate industry
  • SCF developed, from concept to production, novel chemistries to remove dangerous hydrogen sulfide from both oil and aqueous systems.
  • SCF formulated a novel treatment for marine metal surfaces that provided corrosion protection, water repellency and UV protection.
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