SurPhase GEL Surfactants

Bituminous roof coatings and cements are popular and effective because of their strong performance benefits and their ease of use. That ease of application is heavily based on the rheology – or flow, shear and leveling – of the system.

SurPhase GEL surfactants are based on a patented technology platform that provides formulators with excellent product adhesion and durability along with the “cut and feel” that installers desire.

Safe and Easy to Use

Many of the SurPhase GEL products are low odor, non-corrosive, non-flammable materials. These cationic surfactants are supplied as low viscosity, easily pourable liquids to temperatures below 32°F. They are easily incorporated into most formulations, require no special handling or equipment, and have no negative effect on final product weather ability.

Proven Superior Performance

SCF’s cationic GEL surfactants are utilized to provide effective wetting and dispersion of the formulation by reducing the interfacial tension between components in the coatings. Surface Chemists has been supplying specialty surfactants to the roof coatings industry for over 30 years and the SurPhase GEL products modify tens of millions of pounds of bituminous coatings each year. They are excellent adhesion promoters and enhance the shelf stability of the final coating or cement.

Improve your Quality and Your Bottom Line

SCF’s unique products are proven to provide superior performance at reduced usage levels (i.e. high clay/surfactant ratios) compared to other commonly used surfactants in a broad range of compositions, increasing productivity and saving you money.


  • Safer EH&S profile – non-corrosive materials
  • Improved formulation compatibility
  • Low viscosity liquids for easier handling
  • Enhanced adhesion promotion
  • Enhanced product quality and durability
  • Lower cost and improved efficiency

Formulation Can Be An Art

The “cutback” that most formulations are based on can vary widely from one supplier to another – and even from one batch to another – creating challenges for the formulator and production crew alike. The SurPhase Gel surfactants are highly efficient across a broad range of formulations and mixing conditions with various cutbacks, clays, and fillers. SCF scientists and engineers are trained and equipped to help our customers optimize the performance of their products and minimize their raw material costs. Give us a call.

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