Contract Research

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Areas of Expertise

  • Surfactant Synthesis
  • Formula Optimization
  • Method Development
  • Analytical & Physical Chemistry
  • Performance Evaluation
  • Product Development

Applied Research

  • Specialize Surfactants and Systems
  • Surface Modifications
  • New Market Entry Support
  • Chemical and Biological Compatibility
  • Raw Material Development
  • Claim Substantiation

Examples of Industrial
Specialties Contract Research

SCF developed technology to improve settling rates of suspended clay in wastewater settling ponds in the phosphate industry


SCF developed, from concept to production, novel chemistries to remove dangerous hydrogen sulfide from both oil and aqueous systems.


SCF formulated a novel treatment for marine metal surfaces that provided corrosion protection, water repellency and UV protection.


SCF developed a cost effective, soluble corrosion inhibitor that is effective in UAN solutions.


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