Contract Research

SCF’s fertilizer process facilities include a continuous coating operation capable of producing up to 240 lb/ hour of coated material, and laboratory scale coating drums and spray equipment capable of producing batches up to about 4 cubic feet of material.

SCF also has a controlled atmosphere chamber and test equipment for determining caking tendency and other environmentally induced effects, as well as multiple dust control testing rigs.

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Areas of Expertise

  • Controlled and Slow Release Coatings
  • Functional Coating Development
  • Performance Testing
  • Liquid and Dry Fertilizer Development
  • Process and Product Improvement
  • Performance Analysis

Applied Research

  • Patented Sulfur Coated Urea Technology
  • Granule Binder Development
  • Anti-Dust Coatings Development
  • Abrasion Resistance
  • Blend and Additive Compatibility Enhancements
  • Extensive Equipment and Testing for Anti-Cake Performance
  • Tackifiers for Micronutrients and Other Performance Additives

Examples of Agriculture Contract Research

SCF has developed and patented several polymer-based controlled release coatings for a variety of fertilizer substrates from conception through to process implementation.

SCF has created binders and adhesive carriers for the application of herbicides and other adjuvants directly to fertilizer granules.

SCF developed chemistries and associated application methods to minimize dust formation during the industrial process where micronutrients were incorporated into fertilizer granules.

SCF worked in conjunction with the University of Florida to study the effects of biostimulant application on soil microbiology and turf response at an active golf course.

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