Laboratory Facilities

SCF’s laboratories are equipped with the latest equipment, instrumentation, and facilities critical to the industries we serve – Agriculture, Household and Institutional Cleaning, Industrial Specialties, and Asphalt Roofing. Our experience and understanding in these markets insure meaningful and accurate analysis with comprehensive results. SCF’s laboratories are equipped to synthesize functional coatings for fertilizers, surfactants, industrial specialty chemicals in addition to testing and evaluation of both raw materials and finished products. SCF is able to provide a comprehensive scope of both standard and customized methods in analytical, chemical, and physical testing for functional fertilizer coatings and associated chemistries.

SCF’s scientists are skilled and practiced in:

  • Polymer Chemistry

  • Product and Process Development

  • Application Science

  • Analytical Chemistry

  • Material Science

  • Surfactant Chemistry

  • Microbiology

  • Composite/Nanotechnology

  • Application and Performance Testing

Technology Development Center

SCF’s Technology Development Center has doubled in size with a new addition built in 2017, and is designed to develop, analyze, and manufacture functional coatings for fertilizers as well as granulation processes from lab through to pilot scale. With our heritage based on collaborative innovation, SCF’s seasoned staff work in conjunction with our clients to modify or develop equipment for client specific requirements regardless of project size.



  • Functional Coating Development
  • Granule Binder Development
  • Anti-Cake/Anti-Dust Development
  • Abrasion Abatement
  • Adjunct and Additive Compatibility Enhancements
  • Equipment and Test Method Developments for Coatings Performance in Unique Environmental Settings

Household & Institutional

  • Surfactant Synthesis
  • Formula Optimization
  • Method Development
  • Analytical and Physical Chemistry
  • Performance Evaluation
  • Product Development


  • Polymer Synthesis
  • Analytical and Physical Chemistry
  • Materials Science and Engineering
  • Product and Process Development
  • Surface Modifications

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