SCF News & Updates
April 12, 2019

New Moisture Barrier Coatings Patent Issued to SCF

Surface Chemists of Florida, US Patent No. 10,189,752, January 29, 2019. Sealant compositions containing waxes are widely used as effective moisture barriers in coating applications, particularly as sealants for controlled…
SCF News & Updates
October 18, 2018

Soil Release Polymer Patent Issued to SCF

US Patent Office issues patent number 9,926,466, “Amic Acids as Surface Treatments” to Surface Chemists of Florida Surface Chemists of Florida has patented surface treatments that are modified with polymeric…
SCF News & Updates
September 21, 2018

SCF Presentation at ANNA 2018

SCF Presentation at ANNA 2018  “Detection and Analysis of the Early Stages of Caking Onset” SCF’s research and development engineer, Dr. Stefan Kelly, presented his work investigating the early stages…
SCF News & Updates
February 10, 2018

Laundry Additives From Modified Crude Protein Sources

Latest SCF Patent Issues Hudson, Alice, Surface Chemists of Florida, US Patent No. 9,856,436, January 2, 2018. Surface Chemists of Florida, Inc. has patented modified soy protein laundry additives that…
SCF News & Updates
January 9, 2018

New Facilities Expansion Complete

Surface Chemists of Florida is proud to announce a significant achievement in our continuous efforts to better serve our clients. In order to expand our technical abilities and meet the…