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Product Supply

SCF is an active specialty chemical manufacturer and a highly reliable supplier as well as being a R&D company.  SCF manufactures specialty products using our network of contract manufacturers and we consider them to be as reliable as owning our own plants.  By using selected contract manufacturers, SCF can focus on technical issues, customer service and logistics rather than on plant issues.  SCF conducts plant audits as a part of our product stewardship activities and has worked with many of the same contract manufacturers for over 20 years.  See the “SCF Manufacturing” section for more information.

As mentioned, we believe product stewardship and responsible chemistry are important elements of the total supply chain.  SCF is an active participant in CSPA’s Product Care initiative.  Product Care includes a chemical hygiene and safety program for our laboratory and extends to educating our contract manufacturers and customers about the use and safe handling of our products and processes.  All product samples are automatically shipped with Safety and Technical Data sheets and we continue to work closely with our partners and customers to be sure the product is used to optimize performance without bringing about any safety issues.

SCF currently supplies products in mini-bulk containers (tote bins), in bulk and in drums.  Smaller containers, although not preferred, can also be handled if required.  Our shipping is normally done by truck, although rail shipment or ocean freight can be arranged.  Raw material sourcing and all supply logistics are ably handled by SCF’s highly effective and knowledgeable customer service.  While most SCF products ship within 24 hours of the order, there are some that require 2-day lead times. Carrier pro numbers are available to assist in the tracking of your shipments.  Customer service is an SCF priority.

SCF technical service helps our customers resolve any quality or application problems, assists in developing formulations for specialty products markets and creating new compounds which can optimize performance.  Our chemists and engineers come from a wide range of industries and bring a variety of skills and expertise to assist customers and produce practical solutions to address any of your needs.

We have the capability to source, establish and manage manufacturing for other companies, if needed, under a supply agreement.  Due to our broad ranged experience and technical expertise, we can handle the generation of manufacturing procedures, QA/QC test procedures, test method development, regulatory support documents, SDS, cleanout procedures, etc.

SCF manufactures products of the following types, but has the capability to handle other types of products as well.  Some products are blended and others are produced with reaction chemistry.

  • Surfactants
  • Polymer intermediates
  • Flocculants
  • Dispersants
  • Wax compounds
  • Hydrogen sulfide scavengers
  • Corrosion inhibitors
  • Thickening agents

Our knowledge of industrial specialty chemicals is quite deep, due to our activities in the complete range of product conception, product development, analytical methods development, patents, regulatory issues, manufacturing processes, QA/QC, packaging and logistics.

Let us work with you to develop and supply a product specifically for your needs.  Confidentiality is assured with your proprietary information.  Our objective is to create long-term business relationships that benefit our customers; let us show you how we can provide value to your organization!

To inquire about a product or service, please contact any of the following people:

  • Colleen Verzi
  • Vic Granquist
  • Sasha Peggs
  • Hilary Himpler
  • Alice Hudson