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In addition to R&D activities, SCF is an active specialty chemical manufacturer and a highly reliable supplier.  SCF manufactures specialty products using our network of contract manufacturers, eight sites distributed from the NE, SE and Midwestern USA.  We have worked closely with these manufacturing companies for many years and consider them to be as reliable as owning our own plants.  By using selected contract manufacturers, SCF can focus on technical and marketing issues, as well as being insulated from the fixed-cost burden of owning a manufacturing plant.

SCF’s specialty products are manufactured for very specific applications.  Typically, they are products that were developed by SCF for a targeted application and are sold to customers who require the product.  SCF’s logistical capabilities are excellent and our customers often sing our praises for consistent and on time supply of high-quality products.

Site locations have been selected based on plant capabilities and reliability, combined with geographical considerations to be close to customers and/or raw material sources so as to minimize cost and to speed deliveries.

This map shows the approximate locations of our manufacturing locations:












Because of SCF’s long experience in contract manufacturing, we have the capability to source, establish and manage manufacturing for other companies if needed.  Due to our technical expertise, we can handle the generation of manufacturing procedures, QA/QC test procedures, test method development, regulatory support documents, MSDS, cleanout procedures, etc.

Raw material sourcing, selection, purchasing and logistics are also activities that we are involved in daily that can be offered as a service to customers.

Troubleshooting of manufacturing processes to determine and correct product quality or yield problems is a particular strength of SCF, within areas of chemical technology where we have expertise.  We take a technically sound but practical approach to solving manufacturing problems and have many years of chemical plant experience.

One of our employees is a former synthesis plant production manager and environmental manager for a plant employing 100, with treatment plant and direct discharge of treated effluent to estuary waters. He is well-versed in the many complexities and considerations in establishing and successfully managing chemical production operations.  Other employees have held responsible positions in chemical companies, both large and small, though we are primarily focused on laboratory work.

Some positions formerly held by our employees in other companies:

  • Laboratory manager
  • Production manager
  • Environmental manager
  • Waste treatment plant manager & operator
  • Chemical operator
  • Laboratory technician
  • Research chemist
  • Product development manager
  • Specialty chemical sales & marketing
  • Product line manager
  • Technical service manager
  • Logistics specialist

SCF currently manufactures products of the following types, but has the capability to handle other types of products and chemistries as well.  Some products are blended and others are produced with reaction chemistry.

  • Surfactants
  • Polymer intermediates
  • Flocculants
  • Dispersants
  • Wax compounds
  • Hydrogen sulfide scavengers
  • Corrosion inhibitors
  • Thickening agents

SCF can handle manufacturing and technical services for customers as needed.  Our knowledge of industrial specialty chemicals is quite deep, due to our activities in the complete range of product conception, product development, analytical methods development, patents, regulatory issues, manufacturing processes, QA/QC, packaging and logistics.

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