SCF Surtech Products

Surface Chemists of Florida products under theSurtech  name
(Technical Data Sheets, PDF) & Product Descriptions:
All Surtech product samples are shipped with Technical Data Sheets and Safety Data Sheets

Specialty Surfactants:

Surtech EXP S1-27-8a – High foaming acid stable concentrated surfactant.
Surtech SC-45 – Chlorine Stable, caustic soluble high foaming surfactant.
Surtech 20-113 – Chlorine stable low foaming hydrotrope-surfactant.

Surtech SBS-8-77A Naturally derived hydrotrope-surfactant for alkaline cleaning products.
Surtech 502 – Very low foaming, readily dispersible rapidly wetting  surfactant.
Surtech 512
– Non-foaming, strongly detersive surfactant for industrial applications.
Surtech SCT-29
– A high foaming hard water stable surfactant for lubricant applications.
Surtech 421 – A low molecular weight phosphate ester.
Surtech SBS IV – 122A – An acid soluble low foaming surfactant with excellent cleaning properties.
Surtech CR-125 – A versatile surfactant for microemulsion products
Surtech SBSVI-32C
– A low foam, alkali soluble surfactant 


Surtech P-6253Cationic polymer for coagulant applications.
Suretch 34-128 – Substantive anionic polymer for plastic and metal surfaces.
Surtech 49-144-6 Dispersant particularly effective for aluminum trihydrate.
Surtech SE-129 – Gel enhancing additive.

Asphalt Adjuvants:

Surtech AS-109 – An economical gelling surfactant for asphalt cutback-clay systems.
Surtech AS-309M A premium gelling surfactant for asphalt cutback-clay systems.
Surtech SE-129A dispersant compatible with cationic surfactants.


Surtech SBS-163 – An oil soluble odor control agent for H2S.
Surtech AD-IV-113 A premium bio-derived anti-dust agent
Surtech SRN-74
H2S odor control in waste water.