Research & Development

SCF’s scientists are experienced in a broad range of technologies, and are adept at solving problems by using materials, processes, and techniques from a variety of sources which would be unknown to researchers working in a single technology.

Surface Chemists of Florida, Inc. typically performs research under single client contracts in which patent rights to new developments may be assigned to the client. All research is carried out in strict confidence with appropriate agreements, and documented in laboratory notebooks and in reports to its clients in a format of the client’s choice.

Successful research and development programs that SCF has commercialized include:

  • The development, patenting, and licensing of new polymer coatings for slow release fertilizers.
  • The development and marketing of a series of caustic and chlorine stable surfactant systems.
  • The discovery, development, and marketing of new technology for asphalt roofing compositions.
  • The development, patenting, and licensing of an effective and economical corrosion inhibitor for liquid fertilizers.
  • The discovery, development, and patenting of a unique iodophor for germicidal applications.
  • The synthesis, applications testing, patenting, and licensing of a group of new compounds useful as laundry wash cycle softeners.
  • The discovery, patenting, and successful marketing of a hydrogen sulfide scavenger.

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