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Surface Chemists of Florida is well known and highly respected for its research and development products and projects conducted for members of the agricultural, consumer household and industrial and institutional specialty products markets.  Our mission is to “use our resources, expertise and sound science to provide innovative, practical and sustainable solutions to challenges faced by our customers and clients.” Surface Chemists of Florida holds a number of patents related to controlled release coatings, corrosion inhibition, odor abatement, microbiologicals and new raw materials, surfactants or polymers with specific functionality.

Potential project areas in which Surface Chemists of Florida has in house expertise and could work well with you could include for example:

Hard and Soft Surface Cleaning and Disinfection

  1. Amine oxide iodophors for mild, non-staining disinfection for personal care and detergent applications.
  2. Polymer chemistries for improving soil repellency on stainless steel and similar surfaces.
  3. Controlled release technology for bleach and other detergent additives to delay, sustain and/or improve performance.
  4. Polymeric technologies to guard against soil redeposition during textile washing.
  5. Optimally formulating and using microbiologicals for sustained performance in hard surface cleaning, odor control of pet stains on carpet, spot removal, etc.
  6. Development of and/or performance and applications testing of new product concepts which originate with our clients, but are too time consuming for our client’s R&D group to pursue.
  7. Solving particular problems encountered in product formulation development to improve performance, stability and shelf life with attention to preferable chemistry.
  8. Identifying more cost effective and environmentally friendly raw material substitutions with functional equivalency and testing in current formulations.

Phase Modification and Control

  1. Asphalt modifiers for the roofing industry.
  2. Granulation and encapsulation technologies for the consumer and industrial and institutional markets.
  3. Drilling mud formulation and improvement for the oil and gas industry.
  4. Modification of sulfur for the agricultural and construction industry.

Polymer Chemistries

  1. Formulation of polyurethane and epoxy-based tunable controlled release coating technologies for the agricultural industry.
  2. Environmentally-friendly soil release and soil anti-redeposition technology for textile cleaning in all market segments.
  3. Surface modification and functionalization by polymeric applications.
  4. Additives for plasticization and modification of thermal properties to suit specific working conditions of polymeric materials.
  5. Evaluation and modeling of polymeric degradation and lifetime prediction.
  6. Polymerization kinetics of curable polymeric systems.

Analytical Chemistry

  1. Quantitative evaluation of materials and products for QA/QC and R&D purposes using ATR-FTIR, GC-FID, tensile testing, rheology, viscometry, liquid tensiometry, moisture vapor transmission and other means.
  2. Custom methods development and implementation for evaluation of novel materials.

Coatings, corrosion inhibitors, polymer chemistries, agricultural adjuvants, performance additives, microbiologicals and natural surfactants are other possible market/application areas within the scope of SCF chemistries.

Contract Research Method

Each project includes a written proposal with a clear, mutually defined scope and process to accomplish the objective in a practical and efficient way.  Elements generally included in our proposals include a literature search for potential patentability (if applicable), a definition of the targeted results and what will be done, an estimate of time to completion, phase reports and an estimate of total costs.

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