SCF Products

SCF’s Surtech product line has been developed to address critical needs in a broad range of industries and markets.  Each product is designed to resolve a problem and provide a specific function to enhance the overall performance of a formulation, coating or delivery system.  Surtech products include a wide range of surfactants, polymers, odor control agents, dedusting agents, time release coatings and asphalt additives.

Products developed by SCF and currently being marketed include:

  • Wax sealants for sulfur-coated urea.
  • Additives for use with clay to gel asphalt compositions.
  • Surfactants for special cleaning applications such as food processing equipment, metal cleaning and janitorial cleaning.
  • Flocculent polymers for clarifying potable water, dewatering sewage sludge, removing heavy metals from industrial wastes, detackifying paint wastes in spray booth applications, and other water and waste treatment applications.
  • A polymer which functions as a chromate replacement in phosphatizing steel.
  • Dispersants for aluminum oxides.
  • Hydrogen Sulfide scavengers.
  • Biobased dedusting agents.

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