Microbiologicals & Waste Treatment

Microbiological & Waste Treatment Capabilities of Surface Chemists of Florida
SCF can design specific blends of microbes and nutrients for targeted applications in any area where bioremediation is possible.  Bioremediation is any process that uses microorganisms or their enzymes to return the environment altered by contaminants to its original condition.  Past projects include in-situ hydrocarbon bioremediation, FOG (Food, Oil Grease) bioremediation, targeted contaminant bioremediation (such as phenol), and wastewater treatment for odor abatement and sludge reduction.  SCF has available technology to blend specified bacteria and nutrients in a dry, water soluble granule for ease of application and storage.  SCF is able to design and blend specific biological concentrates for a wide variety of applications, including:

  • Food process waste-water
  • Municipal waste-water
  • Contract remediation of specific wastes
  • Hydrocarbon remediation of parking lots and car washes
  • Food service floors
  • Odor abatement in waste holding areas
  • Agricultural uses

SCF has patented technology and products utilizing slow release nitrates and microbiology to reduce hydrogen sulfide odors in wastewater treatment collection systems.  This technology could also be used in wastewater lagoons and evaporation ponds to reduce odor and sludge, as well as bioremediation projects.

SCF will consult with potential clients utilizing bioreactor technology, which was invented to fulfill the industrial market niche for a microbial generator to efficiently and economically produce selected microbes at a bioaugmentation point or site.  The bioreactor automatically delivers active, non-dormant microbes in sufficient quantities, types, and rates to waste streams while overcoming the inadequacies and cost prohibitions of currently available methods.  The automatic and consistent introduction of specific bacteria into a waste stream allows for continuous biodegradation of the targeted contaminant and at the same time allows for faster recovery times after toxic events in bioremediation systems.

In addition to bacterial and nutrient products and consulting services, SCF has full microbiological laboratory and testing facilities.  We are able to provide a wide variety of microbiological services, including, but not limited to:

  • Feasibility studies that determine effectiveness of bacterial based products on targeted compounds to be remediated;
  • Biodegradability studies of specific products utilizing specific or general microbiological blends;
  • Microbiological based product formulation and testing services;
  • Microbiological based product improvement;
  • Enumeration studies;
  • Contaminant specific enumeration studies;
  • Performance testing;
  • Designing and implementing customized testing protocols, as well as specialized product formulations and technical support;
  • Viability studies
  • Nutrient requirement studies
  • Contaminant bioremediation efficacy
  • and Shelf-life testing

Surface Chemists’ professional chemists, engineers and microbiologists can design and implement customized chemical and biological solutions for specific niche market requirements.

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