Industrial & Institutional

The breadth and depth of hands-on experience provided by SCF’s team of scientists and engineers allows us to efficiently provide practical solutions that address the needs of our clients and customers in many industries where surface and polymer chemistry are important to products and processes.

SCF provides research services on a contract basis, and also develops and markets products specifically adapted to our customers’ applications. These two approaches are often combined, and proprietary products can be provided to give our customers unique marketing advantages.

Services provided to our customers and clients include:

  • Creating new or modified surfactants, polymers, or other compositions for specific end uses, including laboratory synthesis and evaluation, patent writing and execution, process development, and marketing support.
  • Exploring applications and uses for new surfactants, polymers, and other materials developed by its clients, and providing the necessary data to develop marketing strategies.
  • Solving problems specific to a client, either with existing technology or with new and better materials and techniques that represent advances in the technologies to which they relate.
  • Formulating products for specific uses with new or existing materials.
  • Preparing and prosecuting patent applications for inventions in which SCF has participated.
  • Analyses to determine compositions and properties.


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