Agricultural Chemicals

Over the past 30 years Surface Chemists of Florida, Inc. has developed a number of products and carried out research for the agricultural and horticultural industries. In January 1998 SCF opened its Technology Development Center which is equipped to provide process and product development through semi-pilot scale, particularly in fertilizer coatings and also in other areas where SCF is active. Products that SCF has developed include:

  • Sealants for sulfur coated fertilizers:
    SCF developed, patented, and has licensed the technology used in about 70% of the North American production of sulfur coated urea.
  • Coatings for slow release fertilizers based on in situ reacted polymers:
    Two processes have been developed and patented and the technology has been licensed to major producers. Other coating materials are being developed.
  • Binder for pesticides on fertilizers and other substrates:
    Technology to allow pesticides to be formulated with fertilizers or other carriers so that they are well adhered but readily released has been developed and patented, and is being used by a major supplier.
  • Suspended fertilizer formulation:
    A stable formulation was developed to allow the spray application of a slowly soluble fertilizer and other adjuvants. The product is being sold for specialty applications.
  • Corrosion inhibitor for UAN solutions:
    A highly cost effective, soluble product for this application has been developed and patented, and the technology is available.
  • Continuing Developments:
    Other products currently under development include anticaking and antidusting agents for fertilizers and fertilizer components, and binders for adjuvants such as biological agents, pesticides, and micronutrients.

SCF’s facilities include a continuous coating operation capable of producing up to 240 lb/ hour of coated material, and laboratory scale coating drums and spray equipment capable of producing batches up to about 4 cubic feet of material.

SCF also has a controlled atmosphere chamber and test equipment for determining caking tendency and other environmentally induced effects.

SCF has a well equipped laboratory for lab scale synthesis and testing.  Read about our Facility for more information.

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