Industries We Serve

Agricultural Chemicals: Over the past 30 years Surface Chemists of Florida, Inc. has developed a number of products and carried out research for the agricultural and horticultural industries. In January 1998 SCF opened its Technology Development Center which is equipped to provide process and product development through semi-pilot scale, particularly in fertilizer coatings and also in other areas where SCF is active. +learn more



Detergents & Cleaners: Surface Chemists of Florida has been developing and evaluating products for the household and industrial cleaning markets for over 40 years. We are particularly experienced and proficient at devising methods to evaluate new concepts, and can also perform most standard evaluations.
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Industrial & Institutional: The breadth and depth of hands-on experience provided by SCF’s team of scientists and engineers allows us to efficiently provide practical solutions that address the needs of our clients and customers in many industries where surface and polymer chemistry are important to products and processes.

SCF provides research services on a contract basis, and also develops and markets products specifically adapted to our customers’ applications. These two approaches are often combined, and proprietary products can be provided to give our customers unique marketing advantages. +learn more


Microbiological Cleaning & Waste Treatment: SCF can design specific blends of microbes and nutrients for targeted applications in any area where bioremediation is possible.  Bioremediation is any process that uses microorganisms or their enzymes to return the environment altered by contaminants to its original condition.  Past projects include in-situ hydrocarbon bioremediation, FOG (Food, Oil Grease) bioremediation, targeted contaminant bioremediation (such as phenol), and wastewater treatment for odor abatement and sludge reduction.  SCF has available technology to blend specified bacteria and nutrients in a dry, water soluble granule for ease of application and storage. +learn more


Surfactants & Roofing Asphalts: Surface Chemists of Florida developed patented surfactants Surtech AS-109 and Surtech AS-309M for use with attapulgite clays in roofing asphalt cements and coatings.  We have been successfully marketing to the roofing asphalt industry for about 20 years. Our products are demonstrated to be cost effective in a broad range of compositions with various cutbacks, clays, and fillers. SCF is staffed and equipped to help our customers optimize the performance of their products and minimize their raw material costs. +learn more