Surface Chemists History

How We Started

Surface Chemists of Florida, Inc. was founded in 1969 by Dr. Fred Woodward as a contract research laboratory. Dr. Woodward was a creative researcher with far ranging interests and SCF’s research efforts, reflecting this, included pioneering work with polymers in detergents, the chemistry and applications of iodine complexes, the flocculation of clay slime wastes in phosphate mining, the effects of baking soda on swimming pool chemistry, developing non-reactive neutral sizes for paper, and many other diverse projects. Dr. Woodward died in 1993, but his love of the science and passion for innovatively applying it to real world problems remain the guiding principles of our organization.

As a natural outgrowth of our research efforts, in 1983 SCF began selling specialty products into niche industrial applications. In keeping with our research roots, our products reflect unique and scientifically sound solutions developed to address specific problems for our customers. Products currently marketed include surfactants for industrial cleaning, coating compositions for controlled release fertilizers, surfactants for clay based asphalt cements, an oil soluble hydrogen sulfide scavenger, and functional polymers for various applications.

With the addition of our Technology Development Center in 1998, we have expanded our capabilities to include the same spirit of innovation applied to process development through pilot scale, production and test equipment design, and other engineering projects.

SCF constructed and occupied its current 6200 sq ft research facility in 2000. Located on 1.5 acres in the Jupiter Commerce Park, it is equipped to support research, development and applications activities in the areas in which SCF is active.

SCF continues to expand its range of interests and expertise. Currently we are addressing odor control by supplying new technologies for controlling hydrogen sulfide production and removal in industrial and municipal wastes, and in oil field applications.  Other areas of current interest include controlled release coatings, the use and formulation of microbiologicals in specialty cleaners and wastewater treatment applications, and development of specialty polymers for improved performance in cleaning hard and soft surfaces.


Our Organization

Alice Hudson, President & CEO
Alice Hudson joined SCF as a chemist in 1970 and has been President and CEO since 1984.

Alice has been and remains actively involved with all of the research activities of the company from bench level chemistry to strategic planning. Her research interests include calcium salt precipitation phenomena, calcium sequestrants, and calcium salt deposit modifiers; laundry product testing methods; polymer modification techniques, slow release coatings technology; iodophor chemistry and its applications, and surfactant synthesis. She has patented more than twenty inventions in a range of technologies that reflect the innovative and pioneering spirit of SCF.

Alice received her M.S. degree in Chemistry from Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton in 1977, and her B.S. degree in Chemistry from the Iowa State University in Ames in 1963.

Vic Granquist, Vice President of Operation and Director of Technology for Asphalt and Fertilizers
Vic Granquist consulted with SCF for a year and joined SCF in 2010 as Vice President of Operations and Director of Technology for asphalt and fertilizers.

Vic is a seasoned professional in R&D, Technical Service and Sales in specialty chemicals and industrial chemistry.  A graduate of Texas A&M University (’80) in Microbiology and Chemistry, Vic has worked in various capacities in chemical labs and organic chemical synthesis plants; he also has extensive experience in fertilizer plants, ammonium nitrate manufacturing and oilwell drilling fluids.  Previous job titles include Environmental Mgr, Lab Mgr, Production Mgr, Tech Service Mgr, R&D mgr, Sales Rep and Product Mgr.

His broad experience in the chemical industry makes Vic an invaluable resource for the companies who are our clients.  Vic’s core areas of expertise are:  fertilizer coatings and additives, granulation processes and binders, practical application of surface chemistry, wastewater treatment of refractory compounds, organic synthesis operations and equipment, general industrial chemical R&D and technical writing.  Much of his work over the years has involved applications of surface chemistry and surfactants.  Vic has made numerous presentations at industry conferences and is an inventor of eight US Patents in the areas of drilling fluid additives, fertilizer additives and fertilizer polymeric coatings.

SCF’s staff of chemists and engineers come from a diversity of technical backgrounds, and have knowledge and experience in areas that include:
Surface Chemistry

Polymer Chemistry
Process Chemistry and Engineering
Applications Research
Synthetic Organic Chemistry  
Analytical Chemistry


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